Marketing Dashboard

Better information means better decisions.

As you work your way through the marketing lifecycle it becomes increasingly important to understand how you are performing within each aspect, approach and activity of your campaigns. This requires a ‘dashboard’ – one, heads-up view into everything that you do.

The sitePilot Dashboard is a ‘unified’ marketing campaign and sales reporting system that gives you a single, unified and complete view of all end-to-end, cross-campaign data.

sitePilot Dashboard allows you to collect data from any source and transform it into information that is immediately accessible, insightful and actionable – it’s all about understanding immediate results and allowing you to take the steps to make things better.

This Shrinking Planet solution allows you to do this by combining campaign and corporate data from multiple in-house and external systems and gives you a true view into campaign performance metrics.

The system then reports through a secure web interface that can be viewed on-line on a web page, as an MS Excel file or a PDF report and then distributed manually or via automatically generated scheduled reports.

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