Investment Advisor Portal

The Investment Advisor Portal (IAP) is an email sales software designed for compliance-based investment sales channels.

It allows your advisors to effortlessly build their business while you build your corporate brand and comply with all the complicated rules and restrictions of the investment industry.

Why choose IAP?

The IAP software platform was specifically designed for Mutual Funds, Alternative Funds, Wealth Managers and Investment Brokers and is an ideal solution for any multi-level sales channels with messaging, brand and reporting compliance requirements.

Our unique and powerful software platform allows multiple stakeholders with various levels of permissions build a content resource library that is current and relevant and most importantly compliant. It quickly and easily allows your team to:

  • Prepare market commentary
  • Compile industry news articles and information pieces
  • Import third-party market data and generate reports and charting

This software ensures that all advisor communications follow brand and regulatory guidelines through a this simple but rigorous system:

  • Select communication materials are available in a pre-approved content library that is locked for editing by the advisor
  • Pre-installed email and PDF templates based on corporate brand standards
  • Personal email content must be approved by compliance before it is send to the client or prospect

This powerful platform simultaneously gives you and the advisor flexibility and control.

  • Create a custom signature including certifications and portrait photo
  • Upload client and prospect lists to our private and secure cloud server
  • Select from a library of pre-approved market commentary, industry news and financial reporting
  • Compose personalized email messages and send them out using brand compliant email templates

Finally, IAP makes sure that you say the right thing to the right people at the right time to ensure the sale.

  • See email campaign success by tracking opens,click-through, web-views, unsubscribes and bounces
  • Gain insight into content reception by tracking views of market commentary, industry news and financial reporting
  • Rank individual clients and prospect affinity by tracking participation across multiple campaigns.

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"We have trusted Shrinking Planet with our web communications since 2008. We have found the entire Shrinking Planet team to be technically competent, professional, and easy to work with. They consistently deliver high quality solutions and I am pleased to recommend them."

Monica Gaudet
Social Media Manager, Bullion Management Group Inc.


Bullion Management Group

Bullion Management Group is a global leader in providing secure and cost-effective ways to purchase and store physical gold, silver and platinum bullion


Blumont Capital

Blumont Capital is a Canadian alternative asset investment management company and a leader in managing and marketing “Alternatives” or “Hedge Fund” products for Canadian Retail Investors.


Man Investments Canada

Man Investments offer a comprehensive suite of funds through their performance-driven investment engines to a highly-diversified client base.


JC Clark Investments

JC Clark Ltd. offers specialized investment Funds which strive to preserve capital, attain outstanding risk-adjusted absolute returns and maintain a low correlation to the broad equity market indices.


Redwood Asset Management

Redwood Asset Management is a Toronto-based investment fund manager focused on delivering unique and flexible fund mandates to Canadians.


Next Edge Capital

Next Edge Capital is an alternative investment fund manager providing leading-edge solutions for investors. They needed both a website to display news and information, and also a dynamic reporting area that could showcase their fund performance to prospective clients.


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