Data automation & aggregation into Sales Force’s cutting-edge CRM system

Data, or more specifically data management, is one of the key forces driving the modern business world. Gathering customer and client data is of significant importance, but even more important is the ability to organize that data into digestible and actionable decisions.

Shrinking Planet not only provides a suite of custom registration and lead generation software, but can connect these systems to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for increased effectiveness. Our CRM integration of choice is Sales Force, due to their robust platform and flexible API.

Built for your custom requirements

Our software is built with unique customer requirements in mind. Whether it’s gathering data from multiple regions, 3rd Party Account integration, multi-lingual communications, or custom reporting, Shrinking Planet can deliver the solution you need.

By building a custom solution tailored exactly to your needs, our software can save you time and money daily.

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"For over seven years, Shrinking Planet has reliably provided outstanding support and a superb solution for our financial reporting requirements. We are very happy with Shrinking Planet as a website development partner and would be pleased to recommend them to our peers in the alternative investment industry."

James Wanstall
President, Blumont Capital


Sales Force Integration

Advanced Markets wanted to connect their application forms and customer registration data into Sales Force’s cutting edge CRM systems.


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